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Debra and Natalia - The Hangry Travelers


The Queen of Burger & Fries,
The Lover of Ice Cream, 
The Enemy of Celery!
The lady in charge of photography and design. She makes her plate work for her. If not starving to the point of just diving in, she’ll take an exorbitant amount of photos. No angle untasted!


Chieftess of Adventurous Dining,
The Patron of Coffee Shops,
The Hater of Papaya?
The crazy one who is writing up all this nonsense. Really we just want to look at the food porn, right? Been cooking since 5-6 years old and still love it to this day. Willing to try any food at least once!


We became friends at UC Davis, freshman year. We lived on the same floor, both enjoyed classical music, and most importantly...loved food. Some friendships are cemented over time, ours was cemented by a knuckle-sandwich. Nothing says ‘friend’ like smacking someone in face with a sandwich!  

Our Mission - The Hangry Travelers

DISCLAIMER: We, Debra and Natalia , the creators of this blog have no professional culinary training. All reviews should be taken with a grain of salt (pun intended). We’re just two friends that love to cook and eat delicious foods. No restaurants or companies have sponsored our reviews or photography. We follow our stomachs, not our pocketbooks (well...sometimes, we ain’t rich enough to be eating at $$$ restaurants all the time!) All writing and photography is done by us and not poached from another website.