Belle's Café


Belle's Café

dining with a view of the gorgeous ships

Belle's Cafe
Newport, RI

This place was recommended by a friend of a friend, and it was a fantastic recommendation. We got to eat a delicious meal next to the marina, adding a rich level of ambiance you don’t find just anywhere. The inside seating is bright and clean, but we obviously opted to sit outside and enjoy the ocean gleaming in the sun. Belle’s food was excellent, bright clean flavours like the restaurant itself. However, the setting is really what sets it apart overall.

Americano (Natalia): Excellent coffee, and holy cow it was hot..burnt my stupid tongue!

Debra (Lox Sandwich): Ah yes, we had this as a nice lovely brunch on our second to last day on the East Coast. One of my favorite foods to eat is a lox bagel sandwich. Of course, since we’re in Newport, the seafood has gotta be good! It was a sizable sandwich, so that’s already a plus. The bagel was toasted, and I liked how there wasn’t too much cream cheese- cause we all know those places that spread way too much cream cheese and put a small amount of lox. Like, don’t try to scam me out of my lox!!! The lox melted in my mouth, making me wish that there was more. I enjoyed the calm and beautiful atmosphere, being surrounded by the water and boats. And the cold crisp air. And delicious food.


Natalia (Lobster Rolls):  When in the New England area one must have lobster rolls! Even though I’m not the biggest fan of lobster compared to crab. This was the second time I had them in Newport and this place did an awesome job. For the price, I think I got a good amount of sweet succulent lobster. Plus the flavour of the lobster wasn’t overpowered by the sauce! The lobster was definitely fresh, as it should be so close to the ocean. So yes the rolls were delicious, but not filling (but that might just be my fat self). If I ever go back to Newport, I’d come back to Belle’s for its laid back atmosphere over everything else.


Belle's Café
Newport Shipyard
1 Washington Street
Newport, RI 02840