serving up good ol' traditional italian cuisine

Providence, RI

I’m not quite sure where Debra heard about this place, but it’s located in the Little Italy part of Providence. Parking is limited, so be prepared to do a little walking. We were on the East Coast and we were going to get some proper Italian food at least once! The inside of the restaurant was a little dark and gloomy, so we elected to sit outside in the back. The patio area was very nice despite it being a little chilly. Service was excellent and the food was spot on. I would definitely recommend this place for their food, but I am scarred by what we now label the “Mimosa Incident.”

Maple Mimosa (Natalia):THE MIMOSA FROM HELL. I made the rookie mistake of ordering something that didn’t have a price next to it. Big mistake. I understand drinks can get expensive in the city, but…17 dollars!!? The Champagne was good quality, but with the maple...just no. I will not be trying that combination again.
Water: refilled regularly

Never again.

Never again.

Debra (Lunch Special with Chicken Francaise): What makes me laugh the most about this particular restaurant experience was Natalia’s $17 mimosa LOL! Just couldn’t believe that it cost more than our three course lunch special! I chose to have the chicken-escarole soup as my first course, followed by the fried ravioli and ending with the chicken special over spaghetti. The soup tasted like standard chicken soup- it had good chicken flavor, but nothing outstanding. I really enjoyed the fried ravioli that came next! Everyone knows that usually fried foods are delicious foods. There was even dipping sauce!! My main entree was the chicken francaise- this was the first time I ever tried it! I’ll have to say it wasn’t for me. The coating was a bit soggy and the spaghetti noodles were typical, but the chicken was juicy. I wouldn’t necessarily come back to this restaurant, but if I was in the area and nothing else was opened...I might try again.


Natalia (Lunch Special with White Fish): So obviously my delicious meal was overshadowed by the travesty of a drink that cost more than my three course lunch special. Which was delicious. The never ending bread was fresh and crispy. The salad was small but fresh, and they had really good dressing as well. My favourite part was the fried cheese ravioli with the accompanying Vodka sauce. If only it was never-ending ravioli...alas I ate my plate all too soon. The fish dish was light and tasty, however it was too flaky for that style of cooking--it was breaking into small pieces that were hard to pick up. This is an Italian place, therefore the fish had to be accompanied with pasta with marinara. It was good, but nothing stood out flavour wise. (Besides the sour taste of discontent from my Mimosa, I am still bitter.)


171 Atwells Ave
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 453-3164