lots of history in this city, including its impressive imperial city

October 2016
Huế, Vietnam

Another long bus ride took us to Vietnam’s ancient Imperial city of Huế. Where we embarked on a crazy, fun, and absolutely terrifying scooter tour (driven by grandpas) to the outskirts of the city to see the ancient ruins. We also got to see the Forbidden Purple City which was awesome, but also very very very very humid and awful. Our stay in Huế was short, so we didn’t do much eating there surprisingly. There was some intense drama though, since Debra lost her camera (which was recovered against all odds! Thank you, Green Taxi Driver who came back!!!)

WATER - there’s never enough when you travel.
Flavoured tea: We stopped at a little Boba shop, where we got some much needed iced refreshments.

Taiyaki: Post Pho emergency snack, we were definitely still hungry.

Bun bo Huế: This is the star dish of the town! It’s a specialized Pho that uses a tomato based broth, which can be quite caliente. With the addition of Blood cubes if you’re feeling a little adventurous. I kept it simple, and man was it delicious after working up an appetite adventuring. Debra and I were following the lead of Dasha (from our travel group), who had a map from somewhere that had the locations for the top soup restaurants. Pretty sure we found the right one, it took some walking...okay a lot of walking. The tasty spicy broth was worth the wait though!


Regular Pho (Debra): Despite how sweaty I was, this bowl was still SO delicious. I loved everything about it. It did take some walking, but we found it. No matter how many bowls of pho we've consumed, each one is still slightly different in terms of how it was made and what ingriedents each stall used.

Banh mi (Debra): We needed food for our bus ride to Halong Bay, and for some reason we could not find any good food! (Plus Debra was stressed out due to the camera situation). There was a banh mi cart, but the lady didn’t seem to understand what we Debra got some pretty shitty looking sandwiches. But food is food when you’re hungry and on a time schedule.

Gỏi Cuốn (Viet Spring Rolls): These were also super shitty. I’m not sure how this restaurant made them so crap, but they excellelled. They were super dry and the herbs they used made it most unappetizing. It was probably the most disappointing thing I ate on the trip (hence no pic).