Nha Trang


nha trang

sandy beaches and sunny skies

October 2016
Nha Trang, Vietnam

After our very first sleeper train ride we arrived in beautiful oceanside Nha Trang! Which is apparently a very popular place for Russians to vacation, who knew? With our hotel centrally located, we had so many good food options in this town. In every direction there was a new place to eat, and the places changed throughout the day! You might find a noodle stand in the morning, but at night wa-la...fresh steamed bao! Since we got to stay in Nha Trang for two days, we sampled many a delicious dish! Plus we went to a local spa (and got our mud bath game on!) and got to see a Buddhist Temple!

Young Coconut (Natalia): It's hard to beat fresh coconut water, it made me ridiculously happy!
Bottled Water (Both): A little humid in Vietnam...so lots of water to keep up with that sweat production.
Viet Coffee: There will be a separate post later on for this bad boy.
Beer: 333 (ba-ba-ba) cheap and refreshing when icy cold.

Combination Phở (Natalia/Debra): Nothing says good morning like some hot soup. There is something so refreshing about having soup for breakfast. And this place (down some alleyway with giant construction trucks crunching by) had some really tasty broth. Plus the tiny chairs you get to use are quite exciting...that could just be me though...


Cơm tấm (pork over broken rice) (Debra): Despite how hot and humid it was, I could still eat rice and noodles all day, erryday. This was a simple dish with grilled pork over broken rice with veggies, a fried egg and that fish sauce. It was YUMMY! My problem was that the portions are smaller in Vietnam than what I'm used to in good ol' fat California, so I was constantly hungry. However, since it was always so hot and humid, I didn't feel the need to eat too much. (Natalia Note: This is a lie. Debra can always eat, never let her make you think otherwise.)


Beef Phở (Natalia): Just really delicious Phở. This place was another little hole in the wall, fan and badly dubbed TV program included. Another reason I kept getting soup was because I needed fluids to replace all that nasty sweat.


Bánh xèo (Both): After wandering around past the tourist area, we found this great little shop (once again tucked away on a side street).  They didn’t speak a lick of English and I only knew basic Vietnamese, but they had menus with pictures--whew! I can honestly say that I had never had this before and it was fucking amazing. I kind of wish we had ordered another one it was so good in its simplicity. While I was eye ballin' a lizard scurrying by on the wall, I took my first bite of this giant flat omelette pizza. The egg (like a crust) was just the right amount of crunchy, and every slice was a little different, as you can see below...squid, shrimp, eggs, and a little bit of bean sprouts on top. Navigating the pieces to your mouth was a bit of a challenge, but one that we happily accomplished!


Bò kho (Both): I think Debra and I agreed this was the best food item we had in Nha Trang. It was unbelievably savory and wholesome. Chunks of tender beef and soft sweet carrots in such a flavourful broth. Plus you get the the traditional bread with it as well. It made for a wonderful second breakfast.


Vietnamese BBQ (Both): Our entire travel group went to the place, and it was a fun time. We sat at different tables so we could get to know some of our travel companions better. Good thing we did, because they were iffy about trying some of the more ‘exotic’ meats. So I think we got both tables to try some new things, which is always fun. This place was very simple, you order your meat and vegetables and grill it up yourself as you go.