Ha Long Bay


Ha long Bay

a world heritage site with endless views

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
October, 2016

This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Having seen pictures and videos of this place, nothing compares to seeing the bay up close and personal. The tour guide hired a boat that took us around the bay, where we kayaked and explored a cavern in one of the islands. The boat stayed out on the water for quite a few hours, taking us around the various fantastical rock formations. They fed us a sizable multi-course meal featuring fresh seafood, which paired perfectly with the ocean views. Later that evening our terrible tour guide for this town took us to an even more terrible karaoke bar…

Water: Still can’t get enough!
333: Nothing like buying ‘overpriced’ beer from the boat restaurant.

Multiple Course Seafood Boat Lunch:
Soup: Super bland soup that had some minced vegetables.

Plain Shrimp - The shrimp was quite delicious and very fresh. I don’t mind getting my hands a little dirty for seafood.

Spring Rolls: Nothing too amazing with this course. Didn’t taste bad and didn’t stand out. Exceptionally average.

Crab Cake: Another winner! (I’m seeing a pattern...good seafood next to the ocean, how novel) This dish went quickly at our tables, chunks of crab in a well spiced mix and then sauteed? Nom.

Broiled Bass (We think????): The meat on this bad boy was so succulent. Plus it was literally falling off the bone. The tomato added some much needed acidity to cut the oil. I found myself picking away at all the bits left behind by my table mates.

Squid and Vegetable Stir Fry: Another average dish in my book. Not enough spicing to pair with the relatively bland squid and onions.

French Fries: I found it amusing that we had french fries served, but they were surprisingly good!

Oysters on the Half Shell (Natalia): We were by the ocean, I was gonna get some oysters damnit! They were fresh and very tasty. However, I have had better!

Seafood Phở (Natalia): One cannot just eat oysters for dinner….well...you can, but I needed some real food. The phở was pretty good, but not the best that I have had on this trip. What made the meal special was eating with most of the people in our group. We all were pretty tired after the boat ride, so we eventually settled on one restaurant after walking back and forth between two store fronts. The losing restaurant was a little put out hahahaha.

Fried Noodles (Debra): My dish was one of the last ones to come out, and it was instant noodles stir fried with a couple of pieces of meat. Not gonna lie, it was disappointing :( However, it was nice to spend time as a group at a sit-down restaurant, even though it took us forever to decide where to eat.