24 hours of fun and food!

29 October 2016
Seoul, South Korea

Here it is. The long ass layover in Seoul. The amount of food we ate in one night was alarming. Seriously. Like I don’t even know how we ate so much food. We arrived pretty late on Halloween (places were starting to close sadly) and left late morning the next day (when things were just starting to open damnit). My only goal was to hit up a club, Octagon, and I achieved this goal. Debra just really wanted to be in Korea and is planning a return trip….ASAP. This layover felt like a Murakami book--walking the streets during the in between hours, not sleeping.....almost dreamlike truly. However! The food was fucking delicious.

Beer: See chicken and beer.

Coffee: I do not remember the flavour, I just needed the caffeine…….badly.

Nutella Banana Crepe (Natalia): At the place Debra got the noodle soup they did not have the dish I wanted….so I was like I need some food. So I got a delicious banana crepe that was smothered in Nutella from a street vendor. So sweet and delicious.

Taiyaki (Debra): I thought it was gonna have nutella in it, but it was red bean! Which I was a little disappointed (the sign said it was chocolate inside), however it was still tasty in the end.

Milky Bee Honey Ice Cream (Natalia): Ice cream isn’t my usual jam, but I LOVE honey. Plus Debra recommended this place so I gave it a try. The honey blended well it the soft serve style creaminess. Defto a win in my book.

Milky Bee Cookies & Cream Ice Cream (Debra): This was SO delicious. I saw the store, and I immediately wanted to go there, despite how cold it was. It was this milky serve soft ice cream with oreo sprinkles and fudge. So YES!

Fried Chicken & Beer (both): This was a dish we both were looking forward to immensely, and it did not disappoint. The restaurant was maybe a block away from the train station and they had some fine ass fried chicken. They served it with some rice snacks and of course I had to have some Cass beer. This Korean favourite is now a Hangry Travelers’ fav.



Beef Vertebrae Stew (both): After hitting the club and then escaping the overzealous hands of Korean youth, we found a lovely restaurant that served some super solid eats. I have no idea what exactly we ordered, it was quite late at this point, but the kimchi was on point. The stew was unexpectedly delectable. The flavor was good, plus meat and fat is hard to resist. This was a meal for at least four people. And we ate most of this point I tapped out. I could not eat anymore physically. It's important to know your limits right? I would recommend this experiance to anyone who has some time to spar in Korea.

Beef Rid Noodle Soup (Debra): This did not taste as good as the one I had in the airport! The broth lacked flavor, but the beef ribs were tender. It was a big bowl of soup, so I felt hydrated afterwards. It did warm me though!

Dumplings (Both): These dumplings were pretty delicious. Basically imagine a bigger and more hearty than usual potsticker. Could have eaten more of these easily.

Bibimbap (Debra): We needed wifi cause we didn’t know where to go or what to do, so we picked a restaurant that had wifi LOL! I ordered the bibimbap, and I REALLY liked it. The rice was crackling (since I got the one in the hot pot) and the red sauce completed the whole dish. This restaurant was popping! Many people were drinking and being loud.

Mystery Soup That I Did Not Like (Natalia): I decided to try some soup I’ve never seen before and it was not a win. It was some sort of soft tofu soup. Texture normally does not bug me, but this soup definitely did. It could have been the fact we had already eaten so much already...or the fact the flavour was not my jam. Regardless, we had some much tastier food in Korea than my mystery soup.