Hanoi Part 1



capital of vietnam, filled with food and culture

Hanoi, Vietnam
October 2017

Our visit in the capital was our last stop in Vietnam and also the longest. Hanoi is a vibrant and sprawling city. Rich in culture: museums (Women’s Museum & Hỏa Lò Prison), Water Puppet Theatre, a great many Buddhist temples, and really so much more. Foodwise and coffeewise this city is fantastic, we ate so many delicious dishes in this city. We split our time between a hotel and an Air B&B, and luckily enough both were centrally located. So even though we walked A LOT, it could have been much much worse.Because we ate so much whilst in Hanoi, we shall split this post into two for maximum food porn enjoyment.

Egg Coffee: Hanoi is apparently famous for its Egg Coffee and it is fucking delicious. Our group guide, Dreamie, took us to one place that is said to be ‘the original’ cafe for the Egg Coffee and it was quite good. However, there was another location on the lake square that is said to be ‘the original’ and I favoured their coffee. It wasn’t as cloyingly sweet.


Cong Cafe: Coffee and delicious drinks for daaaays.

Egg Waffle (Debra): I  am a HUGE fan of egg waffles, and when I saw a food cart on the streets dedicated to it, I had to stop and get some. I believe I ordered the chocolate egg waffle, and it was fluffy yet crispy. It had a really subtle chocolate flavor, which I appreciated very much.

Cupcakes (Mint Cupcake Creations): On our adventure to (the school palace...I forget the name) we came across a cupcake shop. Totally random, but totally a yes. Creamy frosting and the tasty cake was moist.

Coconut Ice Cream: This was an automatic NO for Debra. Coconut milk based ice cream? Sign me up! (Plus Debra’s “WTF is this shit face” is priceless). It was creamy and was very smooth. I could see why the ice cream chain was so popular...damn good ice cream.

Bún chả: This dish was so good that we had it twice while we stayed in Hanoi. It’s a deconstructed cold soup. You have the rice noodles, some herbs and veg, and the savory cold rich pork broth with pieces of bacon and ground pork. Nab some of the noodles, a sprig of cilantro, a piece of meat, and then proceed to dunk into the broth/sauce. So good. In my top 5 favourite dishes that I ate in Vietnam.

Popeyes: When in Vietnam...eat Louisiana style fried chicken? Yes. Just as--if not more tasty then what you’ll find in The States. Plus they has a sweet chili sauce on top, fuck it was good. (Note: Both Debra and I love Popeye’s Chicken.)

Not gonna lie, Popey's was pretty damn good!

Not gonna lie, Popey's was pretty damn good!

Street BBQ: Before coming to Hanoi, we did some research, and this street BBQ was on our list of places to hit up. Like the Bún chả, we had this twice because it was not only delicious, but fun to do with our group. Basically you pick and choose what you want from this huge table of dead beasties and veggies, put it in a little basket, sit down and get cooking! My most adventurous/memorable item was a whole frog….because why not?


Phở Gà: More delicious phở, changed it up this time and got some chicken rather than beef. Beef does have more flavour, but chicken is still tasty. Plus it was cheap -shrug-.