Yume wo Katare


yume wo katare


where dreams come true!

Yume Wo Katare
Cambridge, MA

This ramen shop--excuse me--dream shop was a fun and delicious experience. With limited seating (18 people) the line for lunch was about nine people deep when we arrived. Worth the fucking wait (even in the rain). Singles will obviously get seated faster than parties. We only had to wait maybe 20 minutes before getting inside. However, there is no real wait for your food, you get served almost immediately. With options such as extra pork (I got that because I love me some meat), extra noodles, or garlic (say yes when they ask you if you want garlic!!!). You can even buy pork to go if you so desire!

Not afraid to share our dreams!

Not afraid to share our dreams!

The draw for this place is not just the delicious fatty ramen, but the chance to air out one's dreams! Every person gets the option to tell the shop their dreams (plus get your bowl graded, so eat it all to get a “Peeeerfect!”). Both Debra and I opted to tell our dreams (highly confidential information...sorry-not-sorry). I achieved a “Peeeerfect!” and Debra got a “Goooood Job!” All the staff were outgoing and friendly, boisterously announcing ramen grades and greetings.

Water: refill yourself as needed.


Ramen with Pork

Natalia - Some of the best damn ramen I’ve had, almost tempted to say the best, but we still need to go to Japan. The broth had great flavour, possibly a little too salty. It was also piping hot, no nasty lukewarm broth that I have experienced at other places. The fat was clearly visible, and so damn delicious. We both got huge scoops of garlic, and it complemented and enriched the pork. And that pork....super tender and sizable pieces of piggy. The noodles are made at the shop and you can definitely taste the quality. The texture was just right too, not overly saturated or stiff. If you finish your bowl of ramen, I guarantee you will be full. If you get anything extra...well I hope you come here hungry.

Debra - I love how enthusiastic the staff were, right from outside the shop (where the guy comes out to count your parties) to ordering to eating, it just felt like a very supportive environment to share your dreams. It depends on your taste and your preferences in ramen, but if you love salty, fatty and garlicky goodness in a bowl, then this is the ramen for you! The noodles were thick and chewy, none of that limp-ass stringy weak ramen noodles. I personally received a “Goooood Job!” because I became really full and just couldn't finish drinking the salty and fatty broth (which may have been a little too salty and fatty for me).

All of our salty and fatty dreams in our bowls!

All of our salty and fatty dreams in our bowls!

Yume wo Katare
1923 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140