Divine Desserts


Divine Desserts

cause why wouldn't you want to stop for some fabulous pastries!

Divine Desserts
Loomis, CA

Hands down one of my favourite bakeries in the Greater Sacramento area. If you’re going to or from Tahoe I recommend making a stop here. This gem is right off of 80 and worth the short detour. They serve coffee and espresso beverages as well. But, if you’re going to Divine you’re going for the baked goods. I have been here many a time and I have never had a bad dessert. From cake, cookies, pastries, and back to cake again! You can buy mini personal cakes whenever you stop by. However, you can also special order a cake or sheets of cookies ahead of time. For the quality of baked good that you get here, I feel the prices are extremely fair.

Coffee (Natalia): good flavour and not burnt.

Apricot Cheese Danish (Both): Can’t go wrong with a classic Danish, plus you feel less guilty when you share it with a friend! Apricot is my favourite flavour and Debra loves cheese, so it was a good choice. The pastry wasn’t too sweet, and the dough was perfectly flakey. Every bite you take comes away with some cheese, which is as it should be!


Pumpkin Spice Cake (Natalia): I’m pretty sure this one is seasonal, because I had never seen it before. And this little cake did not disappoint! Just like all the other cakes I’ve had here, the cake itself was moist and had a good flavour. In this case it tasted like Fall, a hint of spice that blended gently with the creamy frosting that they make. They’re a little heavy on the frosting sometimes, but it’s so heavenly. Thick, rich, and not overly sweet. Cake coupled with coffee...one could say it’s quite Divine--ah ha ha.

Fruit Tart (Debra): This was quite delicious! I’m a not a huge fan of sweets/pastries, but Natalia knows where the good stuff is, so I trusted her when she stated that Divine Desserts is so good that she keeps going back there. I bought a cute small fruit tart, and it was simply...divine (ahaha see what I did there) [Natalia- wow we’re both such losers]. It wasn’t overbearingly sweet, and it had just enough tartness to it. I really enjoyed the crust and the custard! I definitely would come back here again, if I’m in the area.

Divine Desserts
6045 S Walnut St
Loomis, CA 95650