FL vs CA: Wings

Welcome to our newest blog entree series: Florida VS California!!! (In regards to restaurants that is!) Since Debra and I currently live on opposite sides of the country, we thought it would be fun to do some restaurant matches. Hopefully they won’t get too brutal. We’ll try and match up various cuisines to the best of our abilities--no promises! Especially since North Florida is not a foodie paradise compared to California. However, we shall make it work! We encourage readers to throw their two cents in as well! Don’t like the look of that taco shack? Write a scathing comment, or on the flip side, some ode to the beauty of that particular restaurant's taco (in this case wings).

Let the food fight begin!

Debra: Chicken on Fire
2836 Castro Valley Blvd
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Drinks: Just Water

Korean Fried Chicken Wings: This is one of my most favorite restaurants ever. They're quick, fulfilling, and plain awesome. They used to have a location in Hayward, but they closed it and reopened in a slightly bigger location in Castro Valley. These wings are different than American or Buffalo wings- I feel like Koreans really know how to perfectly twice-fry their wings without making them oily but still crispy- can we talk about that delicious soy garlic sauce, though?!When I go with friends and family, we usually order a medium with two flavors. My favorite flavors are soy garlic and spicy curry (medium!). Be prepared to get down and dirty with them wings! There is no shame in licking the sauce off of your fingers.

Also, they have a small bucket for you to throw the bones in there! How lovely is that?! This is a small mom & pop shop, and I love the chill ambiance in the place. You also get rice, salad, and a plate of pickled daikon with your meal. Um, yes, sign me up for it!! The smell of the wings is just incredible, and it is one of the few places that I'll frequent. They look so much better than the wings Natalia had.

Desserts: They have ice cream macaron sandwiches in a little freezer by the cashier area, and they are sweet and creamy! It is a bit pricey for a sandwich (I think maybe over $3), but treat yo'self once in a while!

Get in on that close-up though!

Get in on that close-up though!

Natalia: Grover’s Fingers & Wings
9418 N Davis Hwy
Pensacola, FL 32514

Drinks: Nasty weak coffee, not gonna lie.

Buffalo Wings: I often get Brunch (capital “B” because this is Sunday Brunch) with my friend Jon down here in Pcola. This hole-in-the-wall happens to specialize in hot wings, so I may have ordered some wings (no judgements at Brunch). The wings were priced at 10 for $8.99, not too horrible. I only got “Hot” level of sauce and it was spicy, but not overwhelming. Definitely need to try their spicier wings next time. However, they were very saucy which I do enjoy. Plus a fat helping of ranch to keep things on the cool side! Grover’s doesn’t pretend to be healthy either, no mini side of carrots or celery--I must be in The South or something...

French Toast: The breakfast food was better than I was expecting for this type of place. Good hash browns, crispy bacon, slightly undercooked eggs, and french toast with the biggest bucket of butter I have ever received at a restaurant. Obviously no real maple syrup. Overall, the wings were far superior to my breakfast entree of French Toast and sides.

Buffalo Wings with Ranch Sauce.

Buffalo Wings with Ranch Sauce.

My Brunch spread (I did share the wings, I swear!), Jon's came moments later.

My Brunch spread (I did share the wings, I swear!), Jon's came moments later.