FL vs CA: Cupcakes

Our next matchup is a Cupcake war! This challenge was Debra’s choice this time -cough-she keeps forgetting to take pictures of food-cough-. I’ll probably win this match, just because Carrot Cake trumps everything, but I’m sure Debra’s cupcake will put up a good fight. Especially since it will probably be made with higher quality ingredients, in true Wine Country fashion.

Moustache Baked Goods
381 Healdsburg Ave.
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Ohhhhhhhh no she didn't!!! Excuse me, Natalia, but I'll have you know that these cupcakes at Moustache Baked Goods are freaking phenomenal. PHENOMENAL. I am not a huge sweets/pastry person (in fact, I'd rather have some bacon and fried chicken and ramen and pho than sweets), but I like to indulge once in a while. I've tried the cupcakes and cream puffs at Moustache Baked Goods; however, I feel like everything they bake and make is sure to taste just as awesome. (Natalia: I actually have to agree with Debra regarding the quality of this bakery's goods, I've only been once and it was damn good.)


Moustache Baked Goods is in downtown Healdsburg, and if you've never been there, it is definitely a well-to-do town in Sonoma County. There are boutiques, wine tasting rooms, and high end eateries everywhere. This particularly bakery has a cute interior with a hipster vibe: the chalkboard menu on the wall, the open shelves with plants, fine art, cake toppers, and the fact that their logo includes the word "moustache." It's a very lovely place! I believe each cupcake is over $3, but it is well worth it!

Peach Cupcake: This cupcake was so awesome. It really tasted like peach cobbler, but in cupcake form! The frosting is made with the good and real stuff and didn't taste artificial at all. The cake itself was light and even had some cream filling! Small peach pieces and crust crumbles were sprinkled on top, enhancing the flavor of the frosting and cake. Definitely a win in my book!

Raspberry Cream Puff with Chocolate Mousse: I actually quite enjoy cream puffs, so I thought it'd be fun to try something new. It was yummy as well! The raspberry flavor wasn't overwhelming, and it went well with the light chocolate mousse. The puff pastry itself was flaky on the outside and soft on the inside. Out of the two, I'd prefer the cupcake because it tasted better.



5046 Bayou Blvd
Pensacola, FL 32503

Apparently this place is mildly famous, which I didn't know the first time I went there. I like knowing a place has good reviews, but nothing beats a first hand experience to see if it lives up to expectations. Smallcakes does indeed live up to the tastiness hype! The location is in central Pcola, but not the best location honestly... I had to dodge some serious traffic to get that cupcake. Plus they get points knocked off in my book for being closed on Sundays. In addition to cupcakes, this place has ice cream and dog friendly treats! They have a pastry box pink theme going on in their store, it's super bright and cheerful. (Possibly to make you feel less bad about wasting so many calories on a single treat!) The pricing isn't too bad either, about $4.00 for a sizeable cupcake.

Carrot Cake Cupcake: I've only gotten the Carrot Cake Cupcake here...because, carrot cake is the best obviously. (My cupcake might have gotten a little smooshed in the car ride.) They do have a whole bunch of other flavours too, so don't worry about variety. The frosting is the uber delicious rich cream cheese sort, and there is a generous dollop on your cupcake. The cake is everything one could want: good flavour, moist cake, and enough cake that the frosting isn't overwhelming. Overall this is a hefty cupcake, it literally feels heavy in your hand. Cupcakes are definitely not my favourite, but Smallcakes does a good job compared to other places I've tried in the area.