Debra is making this process soooooo difficult I swear, she needs to eat out more! However, we finally have our next challenge….the all American classic...BBQ! Hot weather is coming fast, so it’s time to man the grill or be lazy and buy some delicious BBQ from a restaurant. I like doing both personally. I think I have the advantage in this matchup, considering BBQ and the South go hand in hand. At least that’s what The Food Network has led me to believe!

Side note: I try to save money and not eat out often...which does make this series a little challenging. Nothing wrong with that!

CatHead's BBQ
1665 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94103

I don't normally eat bbq out often (as my brother-in-law grills superb bbq), but I discovered CatHead's BBQ when my friend said that I could come to her cousin's bday lunch. Thank god I came, or I would've missed out!

First off, the name is weird yet memorable, so already I have a good impression of this place. The logo is painted on the wall, and then they have a huge cat mural on the side. This place even has their own parking lot (that's where the cat mural is), which is considered a miracle in SF.

They have a cool retro vibe going on. I love that the menu is a huge display where you can clearly see the offerings. I decided to try their smoked pork belly with a cathead biscuit and their pimento mac & cheese and lemonade. I had no idea what I was in for, but I knew everything was gonna be delicious (especially after reading about this place on yelp!).

They have several hot/spicy sauces on the table, so for those who like their foods extra spicy, they're here for ya. I personally enjoyed the haberno sauce in my pimento mac & cheese. There was a variety of food happening on our table: brisket, pulled pork, chicken sandwich, collard greens, smoked pork belly.

Smoked Pork Belly: OMFG, so freaking delicious! I like how the sauce wasn't too sweet, and that pork belly totally just melted in my mouth. I have nothing bad to say about it, only that I was sad when I finished all of it and realized that there was no more.

Pimento Mac & Cheese: Hmmmm, so creamy, simple, and comforting. I added some haberno sauce to it, and that took the mac & cheese to the next level. It is super satisfying, so I'm glad that the portion wasn't too big.

CatHead Biscuit: This biscuit was as big as a cat's head (aahahaha see what I did there...it's where they got their name from), and it was flakey and buttery. I loved the spicy jelly/honey butter spread on it. By the time I got to the biscuit though, I was feeling pretty full. I ate only half of the biscuit and took the other half home- cause ya'll know I was not gonna waste delicious food! (Natalia Note: That biscuit does look pretty bomb...)

Grover T’s BBQ
5887 US-90
Milton, FL 32583

Dry Rub Ribs: Let it be said I can eat a lot---a full rack of baby-back ribs, green beans (with bacon), Mac’n’cheese, and cornbread. I had to get this plate, such a great deal, it was only $15.99!!! I opted for a dry rub, since that will normally have more flavour (at least in my book). It was a good choice too, the meat was falling off the bone and so damn succulent. The flavour was mild, they could have probably added more of a kick. Thus, I added a little of their house BBQ sauce, tried both the spicy and the normal flavours, and that seemed to do the trick! Obviously spicy was the tastier of the two.

The green beans were pretty decent, nothing special there. Besides the bacon bits thrown in for flavour. The Mac’n’cheese was a little disappointing for a house special. Once again a little too mild, and not very much cheese at all really. It was a little underwhelming. The best side was defto the cheese jalapeno cornbread. I love cornbread (who doesn’t!?), and Grover’s did an excellent job with theirs! I will be coming back. I think they deserve at least another try. I need to sample some of their other meat-y offerings! Namely the brisket I saw someone else order….