FL vs CA: Sandwiches

The good ‘ol sandwich, basic and delicious. One can never go wrong with meat, bread and all sorts of glorious fillings. I went with a more traditional deli style and Debra hit up more a BBQ style. Either way, a sandwich is a perfect choice for a meal during Summer. Quick and easy to make. Plus you can take it anywhere, whether it's to the beach or on a hike. I personally think this matchup is a tie...both sandwiches just look so delectable!

Fuego Grill And Sports Bar
140 S Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Pulled Pork Sandwich: My friends and I decided to get dinner together before watching Taylor Swift’s concert (in Santa Clara) back in May. We wanted to get dumplings, but it was closed in that weird time of 3pm to 5pm, so we opted for this sports bar that we saw while walking down Murphy Ave. It also happened to be a super windy and warm day, which meant pollen was everywhere, and I was sneezing too much.


Anyways, Fuego Grill and Sports Bar has that typical dim environment with big TVs everywhere. We shared chips and guacamole! Just your ordinary chip and dip, nothing too noteworthy.


I’m gonna have to say that my sandwich was average. The bread was a little dry for me, so I ended up eating only the pulled pork and leaving the bread behind. The pulled pork combined with the sauce and coleslaw was a yummy combination. Of course the french fries were just lightly salted, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. I most likely wouldn’t come back here, just cause overall the meal wasn’t memorable. Except for the french fries. Those were goooooooooooood.

By the way, who else eats their fries with mayo!?!

By the way, who else eats their fries with mayo!?!

Four Winds International Food Market
6895 North 9th Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32504

Muffalatta (New Orleans Style): This market is a quirky one! Things are a little pricey, but well worth it. Especially anything from Four Wind’s market. The owner is always plying customers with samples of delicious hummus and savory dips. I’ve come to this market many times for their beer selection and finally had one of their sandwiches. Damn good sandwich. I’m always down to try new foods and I’ve never even heard of Muffalata--so I had to order it obviously. The French bread was freshly baked and the perfect amount of crunchy. Both sides were smothered in a olive oil drenched multi-olive salad. The olive salad definitely stood out in this sandwich, never tasted a sandwich like it before. Slices of provolone, salami, and ham made were only enhanced by the olive flavour. Can’t wait to come back to try some more of their creations!