FL vs CA: Pizza

Pizza. An essential food for many people. Whether you only eat it occasionally, frozen, or ordered in a few times a week. We all get our pizza fix. Lately I’ve just been eating some South East chain called Hungry Howie’s (on par with Dominoes). Not exactly gourmet. So when the chance came, I jumped at getting some legit tasty pizza. So good. More traditional than Debra’s fancy shamncy pizza (I would still like to try it please though). So who will win? Debra’s artisan Millennial pizza, or my NY pizza that’s as big as your face?!

Giuseppe's Cucina Italiana
891 Price St
Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Peaches & Cream Pizza: My friend Jennifer and I were just aimlessly walking down on a street in Pismo Beach until we saw this Italian restaurant. And then we started looking at the menu, and everything sounded so good. We settled on some bruschetta as a little treat yo'self snack in the afternoon; however, the waiter listed off the specials and we were sold on two items: fried zucchini blossoms and the peaches and cream pizza.

Peaches & Cream Pizza: House grown peaches, speck, artisan Burrata, caramelized onions,  micro arugula, basil, white sauce

Peaches & Cream Pizza: House grown peaches, speck, artisan Burrata, caramelized onions,  micro arugula, basil, white sauce

I wasn't sure what to expect of a peaches & cream pizza: was it gonna be super sweet, was it actually going to taste like peaches & cream...and then it came. It was topped with prosciutto, thin-crusted, and Burrata. Oh. My. God. This was a very delightful combo- still very savory, and the peaches added a hint of sweetness. However, since the toppings were heavy and the sauce was thick, the bottom became a little soggy.

Still delicious in my book! I would totes order it again.

Momo’s Pizza
1410 Market St.
Tallahassee, FL 32312


Anchovies and Mushrooms Pizza Slice: Normally I get Hawaiian pizza, but Anchovies & Mushrooms is my second favourite. Plus I was feeling savory over sweet on this particular night. It was such a fantastic choice (especially dunked in ultra-nutritious ranch dressing)! Momo’s pizza is a NY style za...AKA extra thin large pieces. But, Momo’s takes it a step farther and makes the pieces enormous.

Look at the size of that pizza slice!

Look at the size of that pizza slice!

Their XL pizza was the size of a medium sized table. Huge. HUGE. I was tempted to buy it; however I would have needed Debra to tag team that bad boy. The crust itself was thin (obviously), not overcooked at all, and the actual flavour was quite good. Not too sweet, which is often the case with pizza dough. The red sauce was plentiful and spread evenly throughout the slice. The toppings were plentiful! There wasn’t a single bite that was missing cheesy, mushroom-y, anchovy goodness.