Bob's Donuts


Bob’s Donuts
1621 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109

Donuts. Glorious, ginormous, glazed donuts. Truly a thing of beauty. Debra and I have been wanting to go to Bob’s Donuts for at least two years now, and we finally made it happen! Debra isn’t the biggest fan of donuts, so she opted out of the challenge. However, I attempted Bob’s Giant Donut Challenge and completed it in the 3 minute time limit! My sister Katrina was kind enough to attempt the challenge with me (not as successful), because you can count on family being there for you. I wasn’t able to finish in under 2 minutes, but hey--not too shabby for my first proper food challenge.

Bob’s is a cozy donut shop on Polk and defto has some delicious donuts and other morning pastries (but the donuts are the important part). This place is open 24-7 which I consider a gold standard for donut shops. Plus they have Maple Donuts (for some reason the East and Gulf coast have an aversion for my favourite donut). To be honest, I didn’t get to taste the donut much on the way down...considering I was trying to consume it as fast as possibly. But, I did buy a dozen to take home and got to savour a couple without a time limit.


Giant Maple Donut, Regular Maple Donut & Old-Fashioned (Natalia): It was so nice having a decent donut again. For some reason I’ve been having the damnedest time getting on here in Florida. There’s always Dunkin’ or Krispy for an emergency donut, but it’s not the same. The donuts from Bob’s are solid donuts. Good consistency, not too much glaze coating, and good flavour for the actual maple glaze. My only con would be there was an underlying greasy taste, but that’s expected for donuts. Especially nice hefty ones! So I just make sure I have copious amounts of coffee on hand. Overall I was quite pleased with Bob’s and their “most excellent” donuts! (Plus I got an awesome free shirt.)


Debra: If I had to eat a donut, I’d eat donut holes. Those little leftover balls of dough popped out from other donuts are just the perfect size for me. The next alternative I would have is a simple chocolate donut with sprinkles on it, but other than that, I just love how beautifully decorated donuts can be- really, they’re just for the photos!

As Natalia said, we’ve been wanting to go to Bob’s Donuts for a couple of years now, and I knew for a fact that I just couldn’t finish a bigass donut, but I knew Natalia could!


Bob’s Donuts definitely has that retro vibe and definitely belongs in the city- a small tiny shop on a busy street with no dedicated parking. The decor was donut-themed, and it is pretty awesome that you can see the donuts being made and fried right in front of you. Props for that! I did buy a couple of basic glazed donuts to-go for my nieces, and they seemed to enjoy them very much so.