Cookie Monstah


Cookie Monstah

serving fresh cookies and ice cream

Cookie Monstah - Food Truck @ Boston Commons
Boston, MA

This was the best out of the three ice cream places we patroned on this day. It was at the top of Debra’s foodie bucket list for ice cream. And you know what? It was pretty fucking good. After meandering the park and looking at all the entertaining Earth Day signs, what better way to end it than ice cream? Plus the fact the ice cream truck was there was a sign from the Ice Cream Gods (we were going to nix going to the shop, because of time restraints).

Bottled Water: we were thirsty damnit

Debra (coffee Oreo ice cream): I LOVE Cookie Monstah! It has pretty much become my favorite ice cream truck ever. I was SO happy that we were able to make a stop for it. The coffee Oreo ice cream had a FANTASTIC consistency- I loved how thick and creamy it was, and the cookie taste definitely complimented the subtle coffee taste. It just felt like all was right in the world with full fat ice cream. What I loved most about this particular ice cream scoop was that it did not melt immediately!! It was almost as if you could chew on the ice cream with the delicious cookie chunks in it. It had the right amount of vanilla, good chunks of Oreo cookies AND a slight coffee taste. Was it pretty chilly in Boston on the day that we ordered that ice cream? Yes. Were my hands freezing? Yes. Was it freaking worth it? HELL YEAH!


Natalia (Chocolate Chip Cookie): Debra ordered the C&C ice cream and you had the option of adding cookies and/or making an ice cream sandwich. I elected to have the cookie and a spoonful of Debra’s C&C. Their ice cream has perfect consistency and the cookie chunks to ice cream ratio was spot on. As for the actual Chocolate Chip Cookie, it also had a perfect ratio of cookie to chocolate chip ratio. I was quite impressed really. The flavour was excellent, no surprises, just a top of the line normal Chocolate Chip Cookie. Next time I’m in the area, I will definitely get a proper ice cream sandwich from them (and skip the other ice cream places altogether)!

Cookie Monstah
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