Blue Dog Gourmet Pizza

Blue Dog Pizza

Blue Dog Gourmet Pizza
2556 Lake Tahoe Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Blue Dog has some of the best (and only) pizza up in Lake Tahoe. They have two locations on the South side and are definitely worth a try when you’re in the area. If you decide to sit and eat, they have a lovely selection of craft beers as well! Blue Dog’s pizzas are delicious, even though they’re a little pricey for how much you get. However, the good quality of their pizza does mean you gotta cough up a little extra cash. Plus a cabin party trip isn’t complete without some gratuitous pizza...right!? The group got two medium pizzas to share (honestly should have made these large or extra large, but we still had food leftover back at the cabin).

Hawaiian Pizza & Meaty Combo Pizza

Natalia: They serve standard “American” style pizza (AKA not NY style or Chicago style). The crust is tasty, perfectly crunchy and strong enough to hold my slice nice and stable. Not enough sauce for my liking maybe a little on the sweet side, but enough to do its job! Blue Dog did good work with their toppings, a nice even spread across the whole pie. And as stated before, they use quality ingredients and you can definitely taste that. My only critiques would be: more cheese please and if you’re wondering what size to get here---order the bigger one!

Debra: You know, I don’t discriminate against pizza. I’ll eat it whether it’s thin-crust, thick-crust, deep dish, I’ll eat it all. EXCEPT for Hawaiian pizza. I already don’t like pineapple, so I wouldn’t order that as a topping. I had a good slice of pizza- the toppings didn’t fall off, the sauce was yummy- I will agree with Natalia that they should put MORE cheese on the pizzas. I usually don’t prefer all meat-combos because the pizza tends to be very salty, but this particular pizza was Blue Dog Gourmet Pizza wasn’t.

Note: that all the other photos of the pizza are lost somewhere in the depths of the internet.

Tahoe Hot Pot


Tahoe Hot Pot
177 Lincoln Hwy
Stateline, NV 89449

Debra, Linda, Jennifer and I all thought the perfect way to start a snowy adventure was with a hot meal. So some hot pot fit the bill perfectly! The restaurant is just a little outside the main part of town. Which is nice, since there’s less traffic and much less busy. We were seated immediately and decided on sharing a large entree between the four of us. (Which in retrospect was probably not the best idea, since both Debra and I can EAT--don’t worry we didn’t starve, plenty of snacks at the cabin!) The service at Tahoe Hot Pot was very fast and they were very attentive, definitely recommend if you want a tasty healthy warmup.

Water (Both): ice cold and always refilled!

Hot Pot Shabu (Both): The group shared a half and half Miso and Tahoe Soup with large order of beef. Which included udon (and we got some extra ramen) and a small platter of vegetables. The broths were both good; however the Miso was the more flavourful of the two and we finished it quite quickly. The Tahoe Soup was good, but it was missing some flavour or spice to make it a complete broth. The vegetables were rudimentary as were the steak slices. Both types of noodles were fresh and went well with the broths. Their sauces were quite good, but the flavour of the miso broth was good enough to stand on its own.

Debra: I love me some hot pot, especially when it’s cold outside. I agree with Natalia that the miso broth had way more flavor than the Tahoe Soup one. We didn’t get too many toppings cause we wanted to save room for the rest of the day! The noodles were my favorite toppings, as the steak slices were just satisfactory to me. The sauces were yummy though!

Aria Korean Tapas


Aria Korean Tapas
932 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94109

In typical Hangry Travelers fashion, after food we had to get more food. One must have savory if one eats sweet...right!? I’m not sure how I managed to eat the giant donut and then top it off with Aria’s delicious fried chicken. Aria is just a short walk from Bob’s, which was needed to allow for a few minutes of digestion.

Aria’s itself is a small shop, more geared toward take-away/take-out. However, we were able to nab three seats inside to enjoy some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). The workers were super upbeat, which only added to the good vibes. The walls are absolutely covered in some of the best stickers I have seen on our travels. And Debra was totally grooving to the tunes.

Instead of ordering separately, we just got one of their shareable samplers with waaaaay too much food. Our large sampler featured: KFC, Gangjung Fried Chicken, Bulgogi Kimbap and Korean ‘Shin’ Ramen. Just thinking back on it fills me with sweet gluttonous pain.

Debra & Natalia - Combo B

Debra: I have seen photos of food from here constantly on the Instagram, and I only hoped for the day that I would be able to try it would come soon. Well, lo & behold, when Natalia and I are together, we just eat.


The shop is definitely up my alley- I love the down-to-earth yet moody vibes in this shop, the Korean music that was blasting, and my god, the walls were covered in all sorts of interesting stickers. We decided to share a sampler plate since Natalia (and her sister) already had Bob’s Donuts as their starter, which left them not too much room to eat savory foods.

I personally thought both the ramen and ganjung fried chicken were satisfactory- the ramen isn’t too special (it seems like they just mixed up the ramen with some sauce) and I thought the ganjung fried chicken was a little soggy.


What really shined was the KFC!!! Ah, it was crispy and the chicken was so moist. I could eat just that one for days. The bulgogi kimbap was dry for me- whatever mix they put in their kimbap just didn’t work out for me.

With that being said, I would come back next time and just order some KFC! Also, Natalia and her sister said the ramen and gangjung fried chicken were spicy!! I think not, they both had a really pleasant spice flavor (:

Natalia: As I mentioned before...gluttonous pain. Due to the fact the chicken was so good I didn’t want to leave any behind (even though we did take home some pieces). The KFC was perfectly crisp and succulent, but the Gangjung was a whole ‘nother level! Still crispy, but smothered in glorious sauce.

It had the perfect amount of sweet spiciness to keep you coming back for more. The Kimbap was good side choice, not too overpowering in regards to flavour and a little sweetness to cut through the spiciness that was the Ramen. I normally love me some spicy ramen, but in the face of choosing between extra chicken and ramen, I chose the KFC. The ramen itself was very respectfully doctored up Shin ramen with some beef and topped with an egg. This entire platter was a winner, and I wish I had access to this shop on the regular.