Mr. Holmes Bakehouse


Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
1042 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94109

So much good food in close vicinity to each other….must be SF! Another one of Debra’s finds and it was a delicious one. I was much too full to attempt to eat any more food; however I got some to go. One needs fancy cookies on the plane home right?

Walking up to the shop was very promising, considering I could smell the goods wafting down the street. The second good sign was the constant influx and efflux of people. The last and most important fact was their very delicious looking baked goods!

The bakery itself is very cute, with some fun interior design choices. AKA the pink halogen light, perfect for a brief photo-op. Besides that, they seem to let their baked goods do the metaphorical talking. Nicely lined up or stacked behind the glass shield just beckoning you to take a few home with you.

Debra: “OMG this place doesn’t have a line anymore, let’s check it out!”

When I was walking to Korean Tapas Aria’s, I noticed there was a long line, but I didn’t really pay attention to it cause I was too focused on Korean Tapas Aria’s. However, as we walked back in that direction, I immediately said that we must stop here since there wasn’t a line anymore.


I didn’t buy anything for me, just pastries for Natalia. LOL. I’ve also seen this place on Instagram, but it didn’t even occur to me to check if it was on the same street as Korean Tapas Aria’s. As we were walking past, I noticed that there was no line, and I quickly persuaded Natalia to stop by (poor Katrina- she was quite full and couldn’t consume any more food at the point).

It is such a cute and hipster bakery! Of course, there’s the famous neon sign “I GOT BAKED IN SAN FRANCISCO” that everyone takes a photo of and with.


I took a bite of the cookie, and it had the right texture that a cookie should have- soft on the inside yet a crunchy outside.

Also, how could you not buy anything from this bakery?! All the pastries are totes insta-worthy, and they make everything in-house.

Natalia (Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie, Cornflake Cookie, Matcha Croissant, Plum Pastry):

I saved most of these noms for later, because after a giant-ass-donut and some (a lot) KFC...I was a little full honestly. Everything was super delicious. The Matcha Croissant was perfectly flaky and the matcha flavour really came through. I would defto come back here just for the buttery croissant! The Plum Pastry was my ‘odd’ pick that I had to try. The tartness of the plum really pulled the pastry together. I preferred the Croissant, but I wouldn’t say no to the pastry if it was offered to me!

As for the cookies, they were magnificent. Debra encouraged me to get the Cornflake Cookie and it was a real winner. The extra crunchiness added some extra oomph to the texture. Combined with the toffee flavour this was my favourite item from Mr. Holmes! The Sea Salt Cookie is a classic and a great way to judge a bakery. And Holmes passed with flying colours. Good chocolate to cookie ratio, and you can just taste the quality ingredients. Plus the semi-crunchy outside and gooey-soft inside of both cookies (which I find essential) completes the cookie package!


Aria Korean Tapas


Aria Korean Tapas
932 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94109

In typical Hangry Travelers fashion, after food we had to get more food. One must have savory if one eats sweet...right!? I’m not sure how I managed to eat the giant donut and then top it off with Aria’s delicious fried chicken. Aria is just a short walk from Bob’s, which was needed to allow for a few minutes of digestion.

Aria’s itself is a small shop, more geared toward take-away/take-out. However, we were able to nab three seats inside to enjoy some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). The workers were super upbeat, which only added to the good vibes. The walls are absolutely covered in some of the best stickers I have seen on our travels. And Debra was totally grooving to the tunes.

Instead of ordering separately, we just got one of their shareable samplers with waaaaay too much food. Our large sampler featured: KFC, Gangjung Fried Chicken, Bulgogi Kimbap and Korean ‘Shin’ Ramen. Just thinking back on it fills me with sweet gluttonous pain.

Debra & Natalia - Combo B

Debra: I have seen photos of food from here constantly on the Instagram, and I only hoped for the day that I would be able to try it would come soon. Well, lo & behold, when Natalia and I are together, we just eat.


The shop is definitely up my alley- I love the down-to-earth yet moody vibes in this shop, the Korean music that was blasting, and my god, the walls were covered in all sorts of interesting stickers. We decided to share a sampler plate since Natalia (and her sister) already had Bob’s Donuts as their starter, which left them not too much room to eat savory foods.

I personally thought both the ramen and ganjung fried chicken were satisfactory- the ramen isn’t too special (it seems like they just mixed up the ramen with some sauce) and I thought the ganjung fried chicken was a little soggy.


What really shined was the KFC!!! Ah, it was crispy and the chicken was so moist. I could eat just that one for days. The bulgogi kimbap was dry for me- whatever mix they put in their kimbap just didn’t work out for me.

With that being said, I would come back next time and just order some KFC! Also, Natalia and her sister said the ramen and gangjung fried chicken were spicy!! I think not, they both had a really pleasant spice flavor (:

Natalia: As I mentioned before...gluttonous pain. Due to the fact the chicken was so good I didn’t want to leave any behind (even though we did take home some pieces). The KFC was perfectly crisp and succulent, but the Gangjung was a whole ‘nother level! Still crispy, but smothered in glorious sauce.

It had the perfect amount of sweet spiciness to keep you coming back for more. The Kimbap was good side choice, not too overpowering in regards to flavour and a little sweetness to cut through the spiciness that was the Ramen. I normally love me some spicy ramen, but in the face of choosing between extra chicken and ramen, I chose the KFC. The ramen itself was very respectfully doctored up Shin ramen with some beef and topped with an egg. This entire platter was a winner, and I wish I had access to this shop on the regular.