Snowglobe 2018 Festival Food


Snowglobe was the whole reason Debra and I planned this little Tahoe trip in the first place, so of course we have a post featuring the eats we had there! We went all three days, and tried to not eat too much there (aka spend too much money). However, we still had our fair share of food after dancing all the freaking cold ass night...


Natalia: They had plenty of beer and mixed drinks up for offer, nothing that really stood out really. Good beer and good Don Julio Margs!


Natalia: Perfect drunk woman’s fuel honestly. Got the carbs (in the form of salty chips), fake cheese, real cheese, beans and some steak. And when you’re freezing, you can sure eat a plate of nachos real quick. For food stand nachos, these were pretty delicious. Obviously overly salty, but all the toppings were spot on! Even the steak was pretty tasty.

Debra: I also ordered a plate of nachos cause Natalia and I were both pretty hungry, so we knew that we weren’t going to share food. For what it was, and for where we were, I will also say that they were tasty. Especially cause we were freezing and we wanted something really hot. I dislike the nacho fake cheese, but in the moment, it was alright. The meat was yummy too!

Phone photo for these food photos

Phone photo for these food photos

Stir Fry Noods

Natalia: One can never go wrong with noodles, especially stir fried in a giant wok. For price point, these noodles were the best deal at the festival for food. The flavour was good, especially with a fat dollop of Sriracha mixed in! It was a well balanced meal actually: chicken, broccoli and noods galore. Only con was it was also too salty.

Debra: Honestly, these noodles were the best thing in Snowglobe. It was a good portion of food in that takeout container, it had veggies in it (when one travels, one hardly eats veggies, so this was needed), and it was saucy. It was a little salty, but it was hot and definitely warmed us up, so it was okay. What’s a little salt when we were dancing and shivering at the same time! We ordered this several times, as noodles are always comforting!

Thanks to Natalia for enduring the cold to take some photos on her phone!

Thanks to Natalia for enduring the cold to take some photos on her phone!

Funnel Cake
Natalia: Saw someone with one and had to have one of course! However, due to the loud ass music, I thought Debra wanted to share--so I got strawberries on top (I hate toppings on my funnel cake, but I was trying to be a good friend here!) Debra helped eat some, despite my confusion, alas I still had strawberries ruining my pure cake. I could have lived with it if the strawberry sauce was hot, but for some reason the strawberries were that was gross. The funnel cake itself was super delicious! No regrets, glad I got it!

Debra: The strawberries were soooo sweet! Probably why I didn’t eat that much of it, but I still ate it! -mumble mumble- I really enjoyed the funnel cake itself, but Natalia didn’t have to get strawberries- I could have just eaten the cake itself as well. I always enjoy a good funnel cake, however it’s a bit difficult to enjoy it when it’s 30 degrees.

And now…some more photos from our trip!

Natalia was able to meet up with her friend, Erika!!

Natalia was able to meet up with her friend, Erika!!


Blue Dog Gourmet Pizza

Blue Dog Pizza

Blue Dog Gourmet Pizza
2556 Lake Tahoe Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Blue Dog has some of the best (and only) pizza up in Lake Tahoe. They have two locations on the South side and are definitely worth a try when you’re in the area. If you decide to sit and eat, they have a lovely selection of craft beers as well! Blue Dog’s pizzas are delicious, even though they’re a little pricey for how much you get. However, the good quality of their pizza does mean you gotta cough up a little extra cash. Plus a cabin party trip isn’t complete without some gratuitous pizza...right!? The group got two medium pizzas to share (honestly should have made these large or extra large, but we still had food leftover back at the cabin).

Hawaiian Pizza & Meaty Combo Pizza

Natalia: They serve standard “American” style pizza (AKA not NY style or Chicago style). The crust is tasty, perfectly crunchy and strong enough to hold my slice nice and stable. Not enough sauce for my liking maybe a little on the sweet side, but enough to do its job! Blue Dog did good work with their toppings, a nice even spread across the whole pie. And as stated before, they use quality ingredients and you can definitely taste that. My only critiques would be: more cheese please and if you’re wondering what size to get here---order the bigger one!

Debra: You know, I don’t discriminate against pizza. I’ll eat it whether it’s thin-crust, thick-crust, deep dish, I’ll eat it all. EXCEPT for Hawaiian pizza. I already don’t like pineapple, so I wouldn’t order that as a topping. I had a good slice of pizza- the toppings didn’t fall off, the sauce was yummy- I will agree with Natalia that they should put MORE cheese on the pizzas. I usually don’t prefer all meat-combos because the pizza tends to be very salty, but this particular pizza was Blue Dog Gourmet Pizza wasn’t.

Note: that all the other photos of the pizza are lost somewhere in the depths of the internet.